Poppet babies

My Poppet Magic

People are sceptical about poppet magick and why I am so obsessed with bringing these babies into the world to help people achieve what they want quickly and long term. Poppets are awesome tools that make spells more powerful and more personal When people see poppets (or any other folk-art doll) they think voodoo doll….


Face The Shadows

Stop running from your darkness. Stop letting your fears blind you to what desperately wants to be seen. Look into your shadows and remember they are only as strong as what shines on them. Find your center and remain still. Stay present. Stay brave. Stay aware. Stay true and wait. Just as the sun will…

The Dawn

A Beautiful Dawn

In the pre-dawn hours, I drink in the last glow of a tiring moon, to the flat sound of my footsteps on quiet streets. Those same streets today are lined by ancient oaks so strong, and a sky so heavy and low, it’s as if they’re holding it up until it can find its blue…

How We Love

Choose Love

Sometimes I worry that in these dark times, so many of us have forgotten how to love.  We are fearful, angry and grief stricken and yet to love is so much easier than these negative emotions.  We love in ways that are so simple, so subtle, so naturally that we don’t even realise they are…

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