For a long time I couldn’t see any beauty in myself or the world in which I lived so to find beauty in words escaped me.

My writing was based around dry financial articles or dull news stories that people pretended to care about so I made a change.

Leaving the 9-5 corporate world meant I got out of my head.  Is started to write beautiful verse at 4am under the gaze of mother moon.

Gone were the days of dull script and in came magical verse that I want to share with you.

The Dawn

A Beautiful Dawn

In the pre-dawn hours, I drink in the last glow of a tiring moon, to the flat sound of my footsteps on quiet streets. Those same streets today are lined by ancient oaks so strong, and a sky so heavy and low, it’s as if they’re holding it up until it can find its blue…

Shoreline Sunrise

Nature Poetry

Awakening the Day Awake before sunrise I see the shadows of elements About to be brought to the light. A world almost realised As the morning of my soul Begins transforming the night. Beauty is This is Beauty This love folding in upon itself This reality born of a dream This is Beauty This flower…


Poetry To Transcend Time

Getting High   Don’t be afraid to get high. Take the chance whenever it presents itself and get high on passion, on poetry, music, and art. Get drunk on nature, on silence, on the sunrise and sunset, on sensuality and sex. Get lit on the moon and lost in the stars. Sip with equal ardor…


Lockdown Love Poetry

During a time when our world is living in fear of a virus and locked up in their own homes, creativity and imagination are rampant! Sure the idiots in charge can take my physical freedom but they can’t control my mind or my pen!  Here’s a few love poems/observations I’ve put together at a time…

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