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Eye of the storm

Authenticity is important to me.  So, I feel I can’t talk about wellbeing without covering the times when mine falls over, when I can’t and don’t cope.  So, let me tell you about today as I write this as an attempt at some soft therapy.   Today was a blinding fall. Sometimes depression and anxiety are…

It's ok to not always have it together

The Stress Bucket Analogy

So I lost it a bit last night and felt compelled to tell you as it made me think of an analogy a past counsellor once told me about – the stress bucket.  Ever wondered why we ‘melt down’ over a seemingly small thing and feel ridiculous afterwards?  Well let me explain… The Stress Bucket The…

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Anxiety Hacks To Get You Out

Anxious to Leave, yet Anxious to Stay – How to Limit Anxiety When Leaving the House There’s lots of situations that makes anxiety pop up to say hello. One of the most overlooked and yet common ones is simply leaving the house. Is this familiar? It’s Sunday night, already you’re thinking about Monday morning as…

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